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Warm regards to all the educational community INFOTEISTA, spill the Almighty God in all of us thousands and thousands of blessings and guide us for the best way to achieve the goals we have set together with all of you in the new administration. I invite you to and from the administrative staff, teachers and students to work tirelessly to move this important institution of all and for all.


The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL TRAINING "INFOTEP", its mission and reason for the formation of human talent in an understanding of the labor needs of regional contemporary context, with the awareness that the practice of art and technology challenges contributing substantially to the realization of a new player to the Colombian nation projected Technicians and Technologists providing Quality Professional committed to all entities of national and international setting.


Hope to see in the medium term as a pioneer of sustainable development in the region through contributions to science and technology committed to processes of internationalization of research and allow us to enter the globalized world competitiveness.


INFOTEP currently offers four (4) academic programs that are Mining, Accounting, Agriculture and the Executive Secretariat, which are relevant and meet the needs of the Region.


I invite all young people to prepare ourselves to face the new challenges imposed on us by society and the world as I have always thought it better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have to take a chance and not be prepared.


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